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Published on February 6th, 2017 | by adam curran


How To Talk With Your Kids About Jesus

Admittedly, the task of talking with our kids about Jesus is daunting to most parents.  When you consider that most of the conversations you have with your child will be forgotten along the way of their growing up, the conversations you have concerning eternity, God, Jesus and sin will stay with them, most likely, their entire lives.

So, how do you start to broach the subject?

Our church, the Village Church in Dallas, has a few core truths they are reminding our children every Sunday they are together.  They are a great place to start, so I thought I would share them with you.

They are:

  1. God made everything;
  2. God is in charge of everything;
  3. God is good;
  4. Jesus came to save sinners;
  5. God wants to talk with us.

These simple truths have profound impacts on our belief even as adults.  They are simple enough that children can understand them, but even as adults, we should never move away from their truths.

God Made Everything

This simple truth shows that God is all-powerful and that he ultimately made everything.  When your child asks “Who made the trees?” or “Who makes the rain?” you can answer that God did, so we can worship him as the creator of everything!  Or, if your child asks, “Who made that car?” you can answer that God gave the people who made the car the ideas and skills to bring that car to creation, so even thought He made that too through the hands of people, He made that as well!

God Is In Charge of Everything

Not only did God make everything, He is in charge of everything.  This idea is called the sovereignty of God and shows that he is intimately involved in every detail of our lives.  He is either causing things to happen or allowing them to happen so that his glory may be revealed and we may experience joy.  He didn’t just create the world and leave it alone.  That idea is called Deism which believes that he is no longer involved on the dad-to-day, but since we believe that He is involved, we can pray to him about everything, asking him to move on our behalf.

God is Good

Although bad things happen, we can still rest assured that God is good in all that He does and all that he wants for us.  Romans 8:28 says, “And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.”  You can help your child see that God is good by pointing out the good that God has provided for you, your family and your child.  One area that we talk about with our kids often is my mom.  We have seen God move in her life hundreds of times with her mental disability and we are able to speak with our children about how even though the situation is hard, God has been extremely good to her and us through it.

Jesus Came to Save Sinners

This one is a great one as well, because it causes us to deal with the topic of sin.  Sin is what happened at the Fall when Adam and Eve disobeyed God causing sin to enter the world.  Sin is responsible for the bad behavior that we all are born into; it is the reason for all of our selfish ways and our prideful thoughts, including your children!  But God didn’t let us stay sinners, He sent his son Jesus to live the life we could never live and become the sacrifice that he could never provide.  His death on the cross saves us from our sin.

God Wants to Talk With Us  

Since we become His children by believing in Jesus, he wants to talk with us, which we can respond to with prayer.  Teach your child that since God already knows everything, he/she can talk with him about everything.  God wants to be in constant conversation with us and since we are created for a relationship with him, we should talk to him as often as we can.

One Final Note

I overheard a mom recently say to her child, “Here give that to me; mom can fix everything!”  While I understand the idea that we as parents should teach our children to bring their problems to us, we should never teach them we can fix everything.  We can’t!  There will be many problems that come the way of our children that we can not fix.  In fact, since we are also sinners saved by grace, we will fail them many times over, and that is OK!

So, in closing, keep these truths ever before you as teach your kids about Jesus.

What helps you talk with your kids about these truths?




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