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Published on October 13th, 2014 | by adam curran


Does God Care About Fishing?

Last weekend, Alli and I took a trip without the kids to Winter Park, Colorado, which is where we got engaged almost 10 years ago.  We stayed with our good family friends, Uncle Paul and Aunt Rosie.  They were gracious hosts, and it was the most peaceful weekend Alli and I have had in three years.

The first night there, Uncle Paul and I went out to the creek behind his house and caught three small brook trout, a little warm up to the weekend of fishing.  The next day, Uncle Paul and I set out for an all-day excursion to catch bigger fish and more of them.  We started on a stretch of the Fraser River where Paul caught three fairly quickly and I struck out.  We tried a few more spots on the river and struck out again.

We then picked up and went to the Colorado River and tried a few stretches there.  After no fish, I began to pray that we would start reeling them in.  You may be thinking, “Doesn’t God have bigger things to do than answer our trite requests?  After all, he is holding the universe together so the whole thing doesn’t come unraveled.”

I have heard people say this before, but two things are immediately wrong with it.  One, God can and does hold the universe together at the same exact time as he answers all of our prayers.  He spoke the entire universe into being with his word and he wasn’t even tired.  Yes, he rested on the seventh day, but that was to show us that we need rest and it was more like Him stopping than resting from being worn out from creating the universe.  Two, God cares about you more than you know.  In Matthew 10:30, Jesus says, “Even the hairs on your head are numbered.”  God knows you so well and he knows everything about you to the point that “even the hears on your head are numbered.”

So, keeping all of this in mind, Paul and I still did not catch any more fish on Saturday.  On Sunday, he took me to a place that was “guaranteed to have the big ones.”  They call it the Pig Farm because the rainbow trout are so big they are like pigs.  We made the long, scenic drive to the twenty acre lake, where, shortly after we arrived, Paul hooked two and let me and Alli reel them in.  After a few hours of fishing, I had reeled a few in, but hadn’t hooked and reeled one in myself.  I had hooked a few but they got away.  I wanted to catch one on my own from start to finish.  I kept praying.

On the last cast of the day, I hooked one!  After fighting him for several minutes with Uncle Paul in the water ready with the net to get him out of the water, I got him!  It was an answer to prayer.

Try praying for the little things.  God loves to give good things.





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One Response to Does God Care About Fishing?

  1. Area says:

    Curran, I literally just wrote this in my journal (which is the notes app in my phone) and then read what you wrote here right after:

    It’s the hardest part for me. It’s so simple- either you believe or you don’t. And it’s not the big ones that I struggle with- I believe that there’s one true God and that his son, Jesus, died so that we’d be forgiven, and therefore, have a shot at a real and justified relationship with God.
    I just have trouble with believing that he cares about the trivial things that I care about.
    Jesus says, if you believe, you’ll be given anything you ask for. I’m paraphrasing, but you know what I’m talking about.
    If I ask for a pair of socks, for instance, I probably won’t get them because I don’t actually believe that I will.

    I still have trouble with this, but your article is good and it helps. And is it coincidence? I think not.

    But, also, what if you hadn’t caught a fish?

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